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Amazing Interactive No-Layers Menu Script - *Updated*

A fully interactive menu system with separate message box and programmable elements, including: link color and behavior; link box motion; link box border colors; link box border styles; link box border width; individual link messages; and default link message. Designed to replace costly Java applets that work similarly, the scripting uses no layers or divisions. 

Amazing Frameless Popup Window without Title Bar - *New*

Say goodbye to ugly Windows popups! In IE4-6, this script launches a popup window with *no* Windows frame or titlebar (a "containerless" window). In other browsers, it launches a standard popup. Position, width, and height are settable. Automatic closing of the window on leaving the page may also be set.

Amazing Frameless 'Peeker' PopUp - *New*

In IE4 and later, this script launches a type of window ad servers call a 'peeker' popup -- which slowly glides into view from the bottom of the screen. This is a 'frameless' popup window without the Windows frame or titlebar (that is, a "containerless" window) for a clean, non-Windows look. Degrades functionally in other 4.x+ browsers; includes flexible, settable parameters for positioning and control.
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Automatic Timed Self-Closing Popup Window

Opens a popup window that will close itself after a pre-set time. The popup can be launched from a link in your page, or automatically when the launching page loads. Very well behaved, and does not launch multiple windows on re-clicks.

And Boom - A Big Window - Expanding Window Preloader Effect - *New*

Launches a rapidly expanding window that moves down and across the screen until it fills the entire screen area (IE) in fullscreen mode. The script then loads your content page into the fullscreen view. Neat effect!

DropDown Menus That Do PopUps - *New*

A simple script that allows you to launch popup windows from a dropdown menu. Any number of links can be added to the options list. The popup window features can be set within the script. Great for saving space on the page when long lists are required, for image popups, and for offsite referrals while still keeping people on your page.

Popup Window from Hell - *New*

This short, easy script set launches a window that continually re-opens itself and cannot be permanently closed *unless* the visitor clicks on a link that you provide.

PopUp Maker - *New*

What's that? You say you hate tinkering with popup windows?  We do too... so we built a tool to generate the code for you.  You can download and try the demo here.

Easy Instant Interactive Menu Links

Interactive menus are a snap with this easy technique... with over- and under-line motion, settable hot and cold colors, settable movement -- and no layers, spans, or divisions needed.

Light 'Em Up Multi-Color Interactive Mouse-Over Links

One of the most-asked questions in our support mail, this very simple technique shows how to add differently colored links to the same page that light up and underline and/or overline on mouseOver. No complex JavaScript calls are required, and the technique is a fundamental building block for interesting, interactive, color-differentiated menu systems.

Dirt-Simple Four-State Mouse-Interactive Image Buttons

Four-state image buttons -- with no multiple images, and no JavaScript?  Darned close!  Plug in a simple style script, attach a few mouse events, and bang -- instant action buttons even most power scripters would sweat to do.  Easy sailing, even for newcomers.

Cross-Browser JavaScript SlideShow - Version I (Basic)

Works on NS3-6, IE-4-6.  Any number of images can be used, and timing is adjustable.  Very easy to set up and use.

Cross-Browser JavaScript SlideShow - Version II with Image Cross-Fade Transitions

Works on NS3-6, IE-4-6.  Any number of images can be used, and timing is adjustable.  In IE browsers, a cross-fade effect occurs between images.  Very easy to set up and use.

Make This Page Your Homepage Script

Opens the Set Homepage dialogue in IE 5 and later browsers, allowing your visitors to set your page as their homepage.  Degrades gracefully in browsers that do not support this feature.

Bookmark This Page Script

Automatically opens the Favorites dialog in IE browsers to bookmark your page on the visitor's favorites list.  Degrades gracefully for NS and other browsers.

Adding An Icon With Your URL - Two Methods

You've probably noticed those cool icons that show up in the URL box and with Favorites (bookmarks) in IE5. Here are two super-easy methods to do it, along with information on icon creation and troubleshooting.

Basic No-Right-Click Script with Alert Box

Causes an alert box to be triggered when the visitor right-clicks on the page with the mouse.  Provides simple, though limited, protection of images, etc.

TriState Rainbow Color Link Script

Creates a link that cycles through three colors. Features include settable blink rate; settable blink colors; settable no-blink color; and on/off control via links (optional). A simple function call can also make the link start blinking when clicked, or stop blinking when clicked. A cool way to emphasize critical navigational elements..

Tristate Rainbow Scrollbar I - All Scrollbars - *New*

Causes all page scrollbars to blink in three colors; on/off control (optional) can turn effect on and off via links.

Change Scrollbar Colors Dynamically

Changes the color of the scrollbars in a page dynamically, via a simple JavaScript function; shows how to attach the scrollbar color change function to links and to mouseOver and other events.

E-mail Address Checker-Validator

Boilerplate script to check e-mail addresses for all common entry errors.  Uses regular expressions for a short, easy, reliable script to double-validate e-mail addresses.

Break Page Out Of Frameset (Frame Buster)

Causes the current page to break out of any frameset it may be captured within.  Prevents your page from being trapped in a frame on another site.

Open Page In Frameset

If you have a page that is supposed to open in a frameset, this will force the page to do so.  Solves a common problem where search engines separately list pages that belong in a frame.

Print Out The Current Page

This simple script opens the printer dialogue and prints out the current page.  Very useful for information pages, receipt pages, etc.

Capture Mouse X-Y Position - Quick-Take Mini-Tutorial

This straightforward, easy script and quick-take mini-tutorial shows how to reliably capture the mouse X and Y positions, dynamically, in NS4-6 and IE 4-6.  Also shows how to display positional values in form fields.

Dynamic Title Bar Date-Time Clock

A unique little script that dynamically shows the date and time up top in the Title Bar of the browser in IE4&up and NS6.  (NS3-4 show the date-time in the status bar.)

Boogey-Down Glow-And-Jump Animated 3-Color Neon Text

This script presents text surrounded by three changing 'glow' colors, while also shifting the vertical and horizontal layout for a striking animation effect strongly resembling neon light displays. Colors, dimensions, and rate are all settable.

Active Tri-State Roll-Over Images on Form Submit and Reset

Dump the ugly 'gray button' Reset and Submit on forms -- this script shows how to use active tri-state roll-over images, instead. A quick-take tutorial is included, along with images and notes on using styles with form elements for a flashier look and feel.

Ask Visitor For Name Script - *New*

Personalize your page with this very simple paste-it-in script that asks the vistor for his or her name when entering your page, then prints a "Hello" welcome message anywhere you wish in the body of the page. Very easy install for JavaScript newcomers.

Automatic E-mail This Link Script with Auto-Capture and Validation

This script automatically captures the title of the current page and the url of the current page and sends them via the user's e-mail client to an address entered in a box on the form. The e-mail address field is also checked to see that it is not empty, and that the e-mail address is in valid format.

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